About Next Step Physio: Your Partner in Recovery and Wellness

Our Founder

Joe Jenkins has over 14 years in the health and fitness industry. Starting with a degree in health and exercise science and working as a personal trainer and qualified strength and conditioning coach Joe decided to continue his training into Physiotherapy. He cut his teeth in the NHS working at a major trauma and orthopaedics hospital before specialising in musculoskeletal physiotherapy, He then climbed the ranks in the NHS from a junior physiotherapist to clinical specialist being lucky enough to be trained by expert physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors along the way. Still working once a week as a physio consultant in a GP practice for the NHS we still fully appreciate and respect the work done in the NHS but also understand the struggles and pressures they are under. Outside of the NHS Joe has worked with multiple sports teams and athletes meaning no matter your age or experience level we will push you and guide you to where you need to be.  This experience combined with the specialist exercise knowledge has allowed him to develop a unique approach and view on physiotherapy and rehabilitation which he passes on to each of his staff members whenever possible.

Our MSK Physios

All the physios working out of the practice are required to have a minimum of two years exprerience treating muscelosceletal conditions and we only pick the best with the same goals as us. This means whoever you see at the first step you will be in safe hands and get the physio you deserve. 

The Community Team

Our fantastic community team offer at home or care home based services. their naturally caring nature and expertise allow patients to not only excel but also to feel at ease and enjoy working on there mobility, strength and balance. 

The Hydro Team

every one of our hydrotherapy teachers comes to these groups having run hydrotherapy for other groups. there outgoing nature and enthusiasm mean that whatever the weather or time of day you will get the most from our sessions

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