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David BartholomewDavid Bartholomew
18:25 03 Aug 22
I went to see Joe after having a stroke. He was recommended by the Stroke Association. I was having some difficulties with my left arm, and also with my balance. Joe inspired me with immediate confidence. He has a very good manner and wonderful hands. On the second session he noticed that I have a problem with my hip, which had been bothering me for some time, but I had not mentioned it to Joe. We progressed from the stroke to the hip and also my weakening knees. They all showed improvement, and I am very grateful to him. I would return to Joe any time that I get a problem.
Rachel EtheringtonRachel Etherington
19:28 31 May 22
If I could give 10 stars, I would! Joe is AMAZING. Not only is he super responsive, polite, professional and kind but he's a really skilled physio. I had a very sudden, very painful trap/shoulder issue and Joe fitted me in immediately (staying late to do so). I've been to tonnes of physios and, unlike many, Joe really knows his stuff. He also kindly followed up and checked in to see how I was the next day. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Louis HorneLouis Horne
09:51 27 Apr 22
Great treatment at Next Step Physio in Winchester. Joe is superb. I’ve had physio at many different practices and often I’ve come away feeling that I haven’t made as much progress as I would have expected - Joe literally does what he says on the tin - he takes you that Next Step . I’ve had my lower back treated and after 3 treatments mobility restored and then again recently a grade 2 tear on my calf which has vastly improved after 2 treatments - third treatment today . Joe explains what’s wrong - guides you on what to do and why and on top of all that he’s a very likeable guy . If you’re in pain and in need of some physio I really do suggest taking the Next Step - even the name makes sense
Margaret KertonMargaret Kerton
11:17 13 Apr 22
Following a very serious car accident I was in terrible pain and almost crawled into Next Step Physio. Fast forward 9 weeks and I am utterly amazed and relieved at the difference in my mobility and the relief from pain achieved. The treatment and care I received from Joe was second to none and I will be forever grateful to this wonderfully talented young man, he has truly set me on the road to recovery.
I was recommended to see Joe by a friend after twisting my ankle. He was incredibly professional and designed a recovery program to work around my specific needs. Highly recommend!

Initial Assessment

£ 60
45 minutes
  • In depth assessment
  • Diognosis
  • Treatment Plan

Treatment Sessions

£ 45
30 minutes
  • Progressive bespoke exercises
  • Hands on treatment
  • Pathway to recovery




Exercise Specialists

Manual Therapy



Recovering from an injury or surgery? Good rehabilitation is the key to making the best recover possible. Experts in exercise we will tailor you a program and work with you to optimize your strength and stability. This will help to ensure that not only do you make the best recovery but also to future proof the area. We will aim to restore full movement and function wherever possible alongside decreasing pain with our manual therapy and hands on techniques. Whether you have never exercised in your life or are an elite athlete we have the knowledge

Rehabilitation: The Next Step Physio
Diagnosis by Experienced Physiotherapists: The Next Step Physio


As consultant physiotherapists with extensive experience working in general practice, we are very experienced in making diagnoses. We are passionate about coming up with a working diagnosis and will explain to you the process and how we have arrived at this conclusion. A thorough diagnosis and assessment increases the chance of a full recovery


Unlike Rehabilitation – Pre-habilitation is for the issues you know are coming or to prevent injury. Whether you are awaiting an operation such as a joint replacement or ligament repair. Or you are a sportsperson wanting to avoid common injury. We can help you prepare for what is to come.


Preventive Care and Prehabilitation: The Next Step Physio
Education on Physiotherapy: The Next Step Physio

Exercise Specialists 

Unlike some physiotherapists we are true exercise specialists. Our team have over two decades experience in health and exercise, strength and conditioning and elite sport. We use our knowledge to train our team to think outside the box to tailor a bespoke exercise program for each individual client. This also means that we don’t need to give you huge amounts of exercises when they aren’t needed. In most cases we will give 3 exercises for you to work on and only progress when it is needed.

Manual therapy

We use a blend of chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage and osteopathic techniques. We’re lucky enough to have had experienced working with some fantastic practitioners from across all of the main manual therapy professions. Ankle pain to neck pain, good manual therapy can help reduce pain, increase range, and even improve confidence.


If you don’t understand why you’re in pain or the purpose of an exercise or treatment, then you will struggle to make the improvements that you could. We believe that education is the key to success and vow that every client knows the what’s and whys by the end of the session. And no, there won’t be a lot of science or a lecture unless of course you want one.

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